but no one ever asks what the d wants

that’s because society tells the d it can have everything it wants. 

it’s not over » favorite character + favorite color(s)

hermione jean granger + blue/pink



I know this is stupid but I’ve always thought it was weirdly endearing how Sansa names one of her primary defenses—her ladylike courtesy—after something as traditionally masculine as armor, while Arya agrees to name her actual dangerous weapon after something as stereotypically feminine as a sewing needle.


↳ Catelyn had no love for swords, but she could not deny that Ice had its own beauty. It had been forged in Valyria, before the Doom had come to the old Freehold, when the ironsmiths had worked their metal with spells as well as hammers. Four hundred years old it was, and as sharp as the day it was forged. The name it bore was older still, a legacy from the age of heroes, when the Starks were Kings in the North.

Other people: Why do you rewatch your TV shows?
Me: I don't understand your question.


Both of them work in the same cinema at 221B Baker Street, one is a projectionist, the other is a ticket seller. They’ve never really talked to each other, well, not until Sherlock finally went up and impressed John with his extensive knowledge of film. “That… was amazing," John says. 

Cinema AU 

so what i’m getting from my dashboard is that zachary quinto and chris pine skipped the dramatic love affair and hollywood marriage and honeymoon periods and moved straight to being old married grandpas together, complete with combovers and Mr. Rogers sweaters and fierce scrabble competitions and reminiscences over scrapbooks.

Emma Watson being the most adorable creature on Earth



The amount of questions Bastille asks in thier songs really stresses me out

are you gonna age with grace? do you like the person you’ve become? can you fill the silence? how am i gonna be an optimist? how am i gonna get myself home?

like idk dan you figure it out

Skydragon through the years.

Holland Roden for Line Magazine (April 2014)

God, is it really possible that you’re this insecure? You’re not just a sex machine, Mark. I mean, don’t get me wrong, you’ve got skills, but you’re a good person. Why do you think Little Miss Muffin fell for you?