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I forgot that I reblogged an ask meme thing a while ago and I just got confused for a second. Haha.


I was baptized Roman Catholic, studied in a Catholic school for 5 years, but am a non practicing person of any religion. (Sometimes though, I catch myself singing mass songs and laugh, like what. I also get a sudden urge to recite the rosary sometimes, and I never get past Our Father. Which is bizarre since we used to recite that everyday at school.)

State of origin

Sunny California (SUMMER’S OVER CALIFORNIA GIVE ME FALL COME ON) but I lived in the Philippines for 15 years

Fave animal

Ok, I’m gonna have to admit this sooner or later so here it goes… I’m not an animal person??? And it brings me so much shame. I don’t know. I do adore puppies and kittens though??? So maybe small baby animals? But we do have a dog, her name is Yumi, she’s a Welsh corgi and she is the laziest ever. (I’m gonna work on this, I’m gonna be an animal person someday, you’ll see.)

Fave character

NOOOOOO too hard. Probably all time fave is Hermione? (I know I know she’s rarely on my blog) and current fave is Bucky?

you’re sooooooo prettyyyyyyyyyyy
☄ ♪ Ω ✈

☄ - picture of you


That’s my FB profile pic and oh my god it’s huge here. Look at my hair tho.

♪- fave band


Ω - fave book

HP, THG, and Fun Home by Alison Bechdel (the one who coined the Bechdel Test!)

✈ - last vacation

Last major vacation was month long break spent back home in the Philippines (I cried and laughed and got drunk and had the greatest time ever) and last mini vacation was DISNEYLAND (YES FINALLY)

These are nice


☄ Picture of you

♥ Name of crush

☯ Religion

✉ State of origin

♬ Favorite song/s

♪ Favorite band

☑ Full name

Ω Favorite Book

♘ Favorite Animal

✞ Are you religious

☥ Cats or dogs

☝ Dominant hand

♨ Ocean or Lake

♉ Star Sign

♧ Eye color

✌ Favorite character

✏ Fanfic writer or reader

✘ Biggest fandom 

☪ Hair color

♂ Gender

✈ Last vacation

☍ Silver or gold

avengers a to z (a-d e-h i-l m-p q-t u-w x-z)

Charles & Erik + friendship.

one day i aspire to shop price high to low

I- I don’t know, it’s- you know, that stuff it’s nice, it’s flattering, it just gives my mom more magazines to buy.

Chris Evans on being on the hottest bachelor list.

catws + steve’s eyelashes


i’m literally coming to the realization that i’m not close to anybody anymore and it sucks


Here’s your ticket. Stick to it, Harry, it is very important. Stick to it.


Anna Faris and Chris Pratt are a pretty great couple.